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Questions and Answers

If you have any specific questions please e-mail them to nogunclub@optusnet.com.au

Q - What is the confusion over the army using artillery weapons at the new site?  Are they or aren't they?
A - It is interesting how the gun lobby have jumped on us for misleading the public in suggesting the army would use artillery weapons at the new site.  This has been their only criticism of us to date.  So we can assume they have no response to any of the other points we have mentioned, including the numerous issues we have with the site and the secretive manner this development has been planned without community consultation.
Regarding the use of artillery, the army currently use the existing rifle range for shooting practice.  Under their guidelines their safety compliance officers can review a site, and regardless of what the public restrictions are, can deem a site suitable for use for other types of weaponry (eg artillery), night manoeuvres, etc.  At this stage the army say they have no plans to change their use of the current or future ranges at Hill Top, so artillery weaponry is not currently being considered.  Let's just hope it stays that way.
Q - What is the gun used in your logo?
A - The symbol used is to signify a gun and was not directly targeting any particular weapon but this symbol has raised questions by a number of people.  It is a Colt semi-automatic rifle.  They are used by defence forces and law enforcement agencies in Australia.  In particular, the 223 calibre.  This has been confirmed by our contact in law enforcement.  Also, although the army cannot for national security reasons confirm what weapons they use at the current rifle range, a number of people in the area have confirmed hearing automatic gun fire while the army are on the premises, so it may be this particular weapon that is being used there at present.
Q - Have Sports and Recreation scaled down their plans?
A - No! It has increased in size from a $4million development to a $5.3m development and a significant increase in the number of shooters being catered for (as shown by increase of car parking to cater for 180 vehicles). Regardless of how many ranges or what they are willing to spend, any development on the site is unacceptable.  This is how we find ourselves in the position we are currently in - the Welby range was moved to Hill Top in the late 80's and was only to be used on weekends.  As time passes, more clubs are using the site and beyond weekends, not to mention the army now using the site for 3 months out of the year.
If we allow any further development we just open the door to more development down the road.  We have to stop this now!

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