Hill Top Residents' Action Group Inc

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The Proposal

Development Application:
Lot 100 DP 1088254, Wattle Ridge Road, Hill Top.

NSW Department of Art, Sports & Recreation.

1000 hectares of conservation land (10sq kilometres) in Bargo State Conservation Reserve, 16 hectares of that will be cleared for the new ranges.  The title of Crown Land has been removed via a Bill in Parliament and has been added to Schedule 1 of Sporting Venues Management Act.

5 ranges in total including pistol, rifle and shotgun.  The facility will allow for up to 185 shooters to operate on any given day.  It is proposed to be open 5 days & 2 nights per week from 9am until 10pm
.  Initially 7 clubs will be amalgamated into the 1 location.


Please Note - Map supplied by GHD.  Accuracy, scale, and age of map have not been verified.  Their strategic placement of the map legend hides Hill Top residences.